2Work Motokit Portable Vehicle First Aid Box Medium B28599-2 X6070



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Designed for treating injuries that may occur when on the road, the 2Work Medium Motokit is an essential item for anyone who spends extended periods in vehicles. Whether you're a taxi, van or truck driver- or even if it is just for the daily commute, the Motokit Medium has got you covered. Containing a variety of different medical items for treating minor burns or cuts, this kit includes: 1x adherent dressing, 2x burn dressings, 10x cleansing wipes, 1x foil blanket, 2x pairs of gloves, 1x medium HSE dressing, 1x resuscitation device, 1x medium trauma dressing, 1x universal shears, 10x washproof plasters.

Brand 2Work
Form Vehicle Kits
Manufacturer VOW
Size Medium
Type First Aid Kits

£27.59 exc VAT

£27.59 exc VAT